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About the Project:
PX80 is an online project attempting to portray the different faces of the inhabitants of the Parc-Extension (Parc X) neighbourhood in the city of Montreal, Quebec. Collecting immigration stories and testimonies from some residents of the neighbourhood within some of the most representative business in the area, the project proposes to the website visitor, to build its own vision of Parc X and to explore its origins and contributions to the cultural landscape of Montreal.

The project invites to participate in the debate about the gentrification process happening today around the world and its impact in the Parc–Extension existing community. To think about the changes the neighbourhood lives today, can provide insights about the challenges its community will face in the near future. To contribute to the process of preserving memory of the neighbourhood with admiration for the different communities living here have been the main motivations to work on this project. PX80 is a project by Andrés Salas (www.andresalas.com), made only possible with the funding from the Quebec Council for the letters and the arts, and the support of the artist Claudia Bernal (www.claudiabernal.com).


This project wouldn't have been possible without the help of:
Martin Hurtubise, Pierre Yves Serinet, Charlotte Pagé, Gustavo Rodriguez, Sophie Ambrosi, Ecem Oskay,
Jennifer Galewsky, Danaé Serinet, Roberto Rangel, Diego Rodriguez