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The neighborhood
Parc-Extension is a multi-ethnic neighbourhood. Near 78 % of its population speak a language other than French or English. It is a densely populated area, five times more than the average of the island of Montreal. It presents the highest proportion of big families in the city and a high population of children and low-income single families. Housing in the neighbourhood has been often too small to accommodate them.

Like other emblematic districts of Montreal, Parc-Extension is experiencing an accelerated transformation process by residential and institutional real estate projects, which are changing its urban environment and demographic composition. The relocation of the Outremont Campus of the University of Montreal and the transformation of the Clerics of Saint-Viateur building into condominiums, are clear examples of this situation.

In addition to experience an accelerated change, this area faces many social issues in terms of life quality: individuals and families with very low income, food insecurity, poor housing, problems related to student success (adult learning, student retention), to the settlement and integration of immigrants (in the context of migration, support to individuals and families, and in the context of diversity, skill development) and to social cohesion (support for community leadership and for citizens’ mobilization and participation).